You Need an LTC - Despite Permitless Carry

In the Lone Star State, Governor Greg Abbott has enacted a permitless carry law, allowing Texans to carry a concealed weapon without needing a permit, background check, or training class. However, to benefit from this new law, you must still be legally allowed to own and carry a firearm. This change has left many people questioning the value of obtaining a Texas License to Carry (LTC). Let's dive into the numerous reasons why getting an LTC is still advantageous.

Reasons to Obtain a Texas LTC

Reciprocity and Texas concealed carry reciprocity

Venturing beyond Texas borders? An LTC is essential! Over 30 states honor or have reciprocity with the Texas LTC, enabling you to carry concealed legally in those states. Without the license, you'll be restricted in most of those places.

Gun-Free School Zones Act and avoiding 1000 feet boundaries of schools

Did you know that without an LTC, you cannot carry your firearm within 1000 feet of a school? Steering clear of every school's 1000 feet boundary in Texas is quite the challenge. An LTC removes this obstacle.

Carrying firearms on college campuses

Holding an LTC grants you the right to carry your firearm on a college campus. Without it, you're out of luck.

Carrying firearms in open meetings of governmental entities

Attending a government meeting while armed? An LTC is necessary for these situations.

Enhanced credibility with law enforcement

An LTC signifies that you've undergone a legal process to obtain training and education, and passed a rigorous background check. In confrontations, such as traffic stops, this can work in your favor.

Legal defense benefits in court

If you end up in court defending your firearm-related actions, having an LTC can help shield you from charges like recklessness and negligence. Your attorney will thank you!

Importance of Firearm Training and Education

Texas laws relating to the use of force

Knowing when you can legally defend yourself is crucial. An LTC course will teach you the ins and outs of Texas self-defense laws.

Texas laws relating to daily carry

Where can you carry? How should you have your firearm on your person? An LTC course offers essential guidance on Texas carry laws.

Firearm safety skills

Safety first! LTC classes ensure you're well-versed in firearm safety.

Self-defense tactics and knowledge

You'll gain valuable insights into self-defense strategies and techniques in an LTC course.

Handling encounters with law enforcement after a deadly encounter

Learning how to navigate the aftermath of a deadly encounter with law enforcement is vital, and an LTC course covers this critical aspect.

Constitutional Carry and Gun Rights

Overview of constitutional carry

The permitless carry law in Texas is often referred to as "constitutional carry," as it allows citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights without a permit.

The 2nd Amendment and its implications for gun owners

Understanding the 2nd Amendment and how it applies to gun owners in Texas is essential for responsible firearm ownership.

Open carry laws in Texas

In Texas, open carry is permitted for handguns, but you'll need an LTC to do so legally.

Texas Penal Code and firearm regulations

Familiarizing yourself with the Texas Penal Code and firearm regulations will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Practical Aspects of Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Holster options and considerations

Choosing the right holster is crucial for safe and effective concealed carry. LTC courses often cover various holster options.

State gun regulations and restrictions

Each state has unique gun regulations and restrictions. Staying informed about these rules is vital, particularly if you plan to travel with your firearm.

Concealed carry classes and their benefits

Concealed carry classes offer valuable instruction on firearm safety, self-defense, and legal aspects of carrying concealed weapons, ensuring you're well-prepared for various situations.


In conclusion, acquiring a Texas License to Carry (LTC) offers numerous advantages, even in light of the permitless carry law. From improved credibility with law enforcement to the ability to carry in multiple states and on college campuses, an LTC is a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, the proper training and education in firearm use and safety that come with obtaining an LTC are invaluable. It's always better to be well-prepared and knowledgeable when exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

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