This article aims to compare Texas LTC holder and non-LTC holder crime statistics for the offense of "TERRORISTIC THREAT OF FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD" in 2016. Terroristic threat of family/household is defined as an act of terror that threatens a family or household with physical harm or property damage. The importance of this study lies in the potential to understand the impact of LTC holders on the safety and security of their families, households, and communities.

Crime statistics among Texas LTC holders

According to Texas Department of Public Safety's crime statistics, there were 1 convictions of LTC holders for "TERRORISTIC THREAT OF FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD" in 2016, which corresponds to 0.1% of all convictions for the same offense. In comparison, the number of non-LTC holder convictions for the same offense was 194, which corresponds to 99.9% of all convictions.

Factors that may contribute to the difference in crime statistics between Texas LTC and non-LTC holders

The difference in crime statistics between LTC and non-LTC holders may be due to the fact that obtaining an LTC requires processing a background check and meeting eligibility requirements. Additionally, LTC holders receive training and education in firearm safety, which may instill a sense of responsibility regarding the risk of using a firearm. Finally, LTC holders may perceive a heightened sense of risk or liability due to the requirements involved in obtaining an LTC.


In conclusion, Texas Department of Public Safety's crime statistics show that 0.1% of convictions for "TERRORISTIC THREAT OF FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD" in 2016 were attributable to LTC holders, while 99.9% of convictions were attributed to non-LTC holders. Factors such as background checks, eligibility requirements, training and education, and perception of risk and responsibility may contribute to this difference. The implications of these findings are that LTC holders may be more likely to be law abiding citizens in comparison to non-LTC holders.

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