The purpose of this article is to compare the crime statistics between Texas License to Carry (LTC) holders and non-LTC holders within Prohibited Weapons/Weapons Free Zones for the year 2017. An understanding of the difference in crime statistics between the two groups is important because it provides insight into the efficacy of Texas' licensing system and the risk associated with LTC holders.

Crime Statistics among Texas LTC Holders

According to data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, there were 0 convictions for prohibited weapons/weapons free zone violations among Texas LTC holders in 2017, compared to 1 conviction among non-LTC holders.

Factors that May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders

There are several factors that may contribute to the significantly lower crime rate among Texas LTC holders. These factors include the comprehensive background check and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC, the training and education required for LTC holders, and the perception of risk and responsibility among LTC holders.


In conclusion, the data shows that Texas LTC holders are significantly less likely to commit prohibited weapons/weapons free zone violations than non-LTC holders. This finding has several implications for the group with the higher percentage of violations, as it suggests that certain measures may need to be taken, such as more stringent background checks and training, to reduce the risk of prohibited weapons/weapons free zone violations among non-LTC holders.

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