2018 LTC/Non-LTC Convictions: AGG SEXUAL ASSLT


The purpose of this article is to compare the crime statistics between Texas LTC (Licensed to Carry) and non-LTC holders for Aggravated Sexual Assault (ASSLT) in 2018. Aggravated Sexual Assault is defined as non-consensual sexual contact that causes serious bodily injury or includes the use of a weapon. It is important to study the relationship between LTC holders and crime statistics because firearm ownership carries, by definition, a higher risk for potential misuse of those weapons.

Crime Statistics Among Texas LTC Holders

The 2018 figures for Aggravated Sexual Assault convictions among Texas LTC holders is 0. This is in comparison to 139 convictions among non-LTC holders.

Factors That May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and non-LTC Holders

There are several potential factors that could explain the difference between the two groups. One factor is the background checks and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC. These are put in place to ensure that only law-abiding citizens are eligible for an LTC. Another factor could be the training and education provided to LTC holders. LTCs are required to take a firearms safety course and learn about their rights and responsibilities as gun owners. Lastly, the perception of risk and responsibility among LTC holders may contribute to the disparity in crime statistics. The knowledge that they are held to a higher standard when carrying a firearm could influence their decision-making.


This article has compared the crime statistics between Texas LTC and non-LTC holders for Aggravated Sexual Assault in 2018. The data shows that 0 convictions occurred among LTC holders while 139 occurred among non-LTC holders. Several factors were discussed that may explain the difference in rates, including background checks, training and education, and the perception of risk and responsibility of LTC holders. The findings of this article have important implications for the group with higher percentages. This data suggests that background checks, education, and enforcement of laws help ensure that firearms are used responsibly and are not misused by criminals.

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