Comparing Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders for Indecent Exposure in 2018


The purpose of this article is to compare the crime statistics of Texas LTC holders with non-LTC holders for Indecent Exposure committed in 2018. Indecent Exposure is defined as someone exposing their genitals with the intent of being seen by people who may be offended by the exposure. It is important to study the relationship between LTC holders and crime statistics in order to understand the differences between the two groups in terms of criminal behavior.

Crime Statistics among Texas LTC Holders

The data shows that there was 1 conviction of Indecent Exposure among Texas LTC holders in 2018, while there were 413 convictions among non-LTC holders. This indicates that LTC holders were 0.24% of the total convictions for Indecent Exposure, while non-LTC holders were 99.76%.

Factors that may Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics

There are several potential factors that may contribute to the difference between LTC and non-LTC holders in terms of criminal behavior. First, the eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC are more stringent than those for non-LTC holders, including a background check and training certification. Second, LTC holders are required to take additional training and education courses in order to maintain their license. Finally, LTC holders may perceive greater risk and responsibility associated with carrying a firearm, which may deter them from committing criminal acts.


This article compared the crime statistics between Texas LTC and non-LTC holders for Indecent Exposure in 2018. The data showed that LTC holders were only 0.24% of the total convictions, while non-LTC holders accounted for 99.76%. This indicates that LTC holders are more likely to be law abiding citizens. Potential factors that may have contributed to this result include the eligibility requirements and background checks for obtaining an LTC, the additional training and education required for LTC holders, and the potential risk and responsibility associated with carrying a firearm. These factors could provide insight into how to better educate and prepare non-LTC holders in order to reduce their criminal activity.

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