This article will compare crime statistics between Texas LTC (Licensed To Carry) and non-LTC holders for Unlawful Transfer of Certain Weapons in 2018. Unlawful Transfer of Certain Weapons is defined as the sale, trade, or gifting of a firearm to a person who is not legally allowed to possess it. The importance of studying the relationship between LTC holders and crime statistics is to gain a better understanding of the impact of gun ownership in reducing or increasing crime rates.

Crime Statistics Among Texas LTC Holders

In 2018, there were 0 Texas LTC holders convicted of Unlawful Transfer of Certain Weapons. This is compared to 2 non-LTC holders convicted of the same crime. This represents 0% convictions for LTC holders and 100% convictions for non-LTC holders for unlawful transfer of certain weapons in 2018.

Factors That May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders

Background checks and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC may be factors that contribute to the low crime statistics among LTC holders. Individuals applying for an LTC must be approved by the state, meaning that any criminal activity on the part of the individual will likely disqualify them. Additionally, holders of an LTC must complete a training and education course that may better inform them of the legal implications of unlawfully transferring a weapon.

LTC holders may also have a more accurate perception of the risk associated with transferring a weapon unlawfully. LTC holders are expected to be more knowledgeable and responsible in the handling of firearms than non-LTC holders and may accordingly be more likely to comply with the law.


This article examined the crime statistics among Texas LTC and non-LTC holders for Unlawful Transfer of Certain Weapons in 2018. Comparison of crime statistics between the two groups demonstrated that LTC holders had 0% convictions while non-LTC holders had 100% convictions. Possible contributing factors to the difference in the statistics include background checks and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC, training and education courses provided to LTC holders, as well as the perception of risk and responsibility among LTC holders.

The findings of this article imply that LTC holders are more likely to be law-abiding citizens than non-LTC holders, likely due to the background checks, training and education, and perception of risk associated with possessing an LTC.

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