The purpose of this article is to compare the crime statistics between Texas Licensed To Carry (LTC) holders and non-LTC holders for INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING in 2019. INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING occurs when a person or group records an image or video of a person who had a reasonable expectation of privacy without the knowledge or consent of the person captured in the recording. It is important to study the relationship between LTC holders and their potential for engaging in criminal activity, such as INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING.

Crime Statistics Among Texas LTC Holders

In 2019, there were 9 convictions of INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING among Texas LTC holders out of a total population of 1,405,708, which translates to 0.6% of all LTC holders. This is lower than the crime rate among non-LTC holders, with 74 convictions out of a total population of 28,244,092, which translates to 0.26%.

Factors That May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders

The background checks and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC may contribute to the lower percentage of crime among LTC holders for INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING, as the process prevents individuals with a criminal background from acquiring the license. Additionally, the mandatory training and education for LTC holders may lead to a greater understanding of the risks and responsibilities associated with firearms ownership, and the perception of risk and responsibility among LTC holders can result in higher levels of self-regulation and prevention of criminal activity.


This article analyzed the crime statistics between Texas LTC holders and non-LTC holders for INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING in 2019, and the findings showed that 0.6% of LTC holders were convicted of INVASIVE VISUAL RECORDING, while 0.26% of non-LTC holders were convicted of the same crime. Factors such as background checks, training and education, and perception of risk and responsibility may have contributed to the difference in the crime statistics between the two groups. It is important for the group with the higher percentage to take certain measures to reduce the risk of criminal activity.

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