Comparing Crime Statistics for Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders for PROH WEAPONS/WEAPONS FREE ZONE in 2019

The purpose of this article is to compare crime statistics between Texas license to carry (LTC) holders and non-LTC holders for weapons prohibited or weapons free zones in 2019. The term “PROH WEAPONS/WEAPONS FREE ZONE” refers to areas where guns are not allowed, including schools, airports, buildings with metal detectors, or any place where signs have been posted saying that no guns are allowed. The importance of studying the relationship between LTC holders and crime statistics is critical in determining whether or not gun owners who have obtained an LTC are more or less likely to commit a crime than non-LTC holders.

Crime Statistics Among Texas LTC Holders

In 2019, Texas LTC holders accounted for 0% of convictions for weapons prohibited or weapons free zones, while non-LTC holders accounted for 100%. This indicates that LTC holders were less likely to commit a crime than non-LTC holders in these areas.

Factors That May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders

Several factors may explain the significant difference between the percentage of convictions between Texas LTC and non-LTC holders in 2019. First, Texas has very detailed background check and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC, which checks for any criminal records and mental health issues. Secondly, after an LTC is obtained, there is mandatory training and education for LTC holders in order to maintain a license. Finally, LTC holders may be more conscious about the risks and responsibility associated with carrying a gun in a weapons prohibited or free zone, which may lead to heightened awareness and greater self-control.


This article compared crime statistics between Texas LTC holders and non-LTC holders for weapons prohibited or weapons free zones in 2019. The data showed that LTC holders had 0% of convictions while non-LTC holders had 100%. Several factors, such as background checks and eligibility requirements, mandatory training and education, and heightened perception of risk and responsibility, may have contributed to the difference in crime statistics between these two groups. The findings of this article have implications for LTC holders, as they are more likely to be law abiding citizens, and should be taken into consideration when discussing the issue of gun control.

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