This article examines crime statistics among Texas LTC (Licensed To Carry) and non-LTC holders for the crime of SMUGGLING OF PERSONS: UNDER 18 YOA. It is important to study whether or not the possession of an LTC correlates to higher or lower crime statistics, as it may influence regulations and policies in the future.

Crime Statistics among Texas LTC Holders

For the crime of SMUGGLING OF PERSONS: UNDER 18 YOA, the 2019 crime statistics in Texas indicate 0 convictions for LTC holders, compared to 1 conviction for non-LTC holders. This means that the number of convictions for LTC holders is 0%, while non-LTC holders have a conviction rate of 100%.

Factors that May Contribute to the Difference in Crime Statistics Between Texas LTC and Non-LTC Holders

There are several factors which may contribute to the difference in crime statistics between Texas LTC and non-LTC holders. Strict background checks and eligibility requirements are a part of the process for obtaining an LTC in the state of Texas. Additionally, training and education is required before an individual can receive an LTC, and this training may impart a sense of responsibility and risk aversion among LTC holders.


This article examined the crime statistics among Texas LTC and non-LTC holders for the 2019 crime of SMUGGLING OF PERSONS: UNDER 18 YOA. For this crime, the 2019 crime statistics revealed 0 convictions for LTC holders and 1 conviction for non-LTC holders, resulting in a 0% conviction percentage for LTC holders and a 100% conviction percentage for non-LTC holders. Potential contributing factors were identified to explain the difference in crime statistics, including training and education, background checks, and eligibility requirements for obtaining an LTC. The findings of this article suggest that law abiding citizens are more likely to possess an LTC in comparison to non-LTC holders.

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