Crime Spotlight: Tennessee Colony Texas, in Anderson County

Having compiled 2019 data from the FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety, this report is intended to give an overview of crime as well as a comparison to TX DPS License to Carry issued in the affected zip codes. 2019 data is the most recent data released by the FBI - they generally release crime reports after 2 years.

Covered Zip codes:

75861, 75880, 75884, 75886

LTC issued for these zip codes will be covered in more detail below the crime statistics.

The FBI has not published 2019 crime statistics for Tennessee Colony Texas.

License to Carry in Tennessee Colony Texas issued in 2019

Data obtained from 2019 demographics reports issued by Texas Department of Public Safety.

39 License to Carry in 75861
0 License to Carry in 75880
0 License to Carry in 75884
0 License to Carry in 75886
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