In the ever-evolving landscape of LTC laws, it's imperative to stay informed. The knowledge you gained from your initial License to Carry course may be outdated, as new regulations emerge. That's where our refresher course comes in, ensuring you're always up to speed.

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Why You Need a Refresher Course

LTC holders, listen up! With the recent legislative session, there are now several new benefits and reduced restrictions. Imagine being able to carry in more locations, or under conditions previously deemed off-limits. Our refresher course makes that possible, by keeping you updated on the latest changes.

Key LTC Law Changes You Should Know

Carrying While Intoxicated

In a surprising turn of events, carrying while intoxicated is no longer a crime. Be aware, though, as this change comes with caveats and nuances. Our refresher course dives deep into the details.

Carrying in 46.03 Businesses (51%)

Gone are the days when carrying in a 46.03 business (51%) with no posted sign was a risky move. You're now protected! We'll teach you the specifics to ensure your compliance.

College Sporting Events

Certain college sporting events now permit carrying, but which ones? Our course breaks it down, providing clarity on this complex matter.

Trespass Protections

Did you know that trespass protections have expanded? We cover this extensively, ensuring you're aware of your rights as an LTC holder.

Vehicle Carry

Vehicle carry laws have undergone changes, too. Our course guides you through the intricacies, helping you navigate this aspect of LTC with ease.

New Signage

With new laws come new signs. Stay informed on the latest signage requirements and how they impact your carrying privileges.

Our License to Carry Refresher Course

When you sign up for our refresher course, you'll receive comprehensive coverage of the updated laws. We pride ourselves on providing easy-to-understand explanations and examples, so even if you're well-versed in LTC, you're bound to learn something new.

Take Advantage of the New Law Changes

Staying prepared for new restrictions is vital, and our refresher course equips you to do just that. By mastering the updated laws, you'll carry with confidence and reap the benefits of your LTC.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed on LTC law changes. Sign up for our License to Carry refresher course today and experience the difference of carrying with confidence!

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