Shots Fired:

Score: Pending

Target Zones:

Scoring Reference

  • Inner Scoring Ring: 5 points - approximately 18" high by 12" wide
  • Next Scoring Ring: 4 points - between the inner and outer scoring rings
  • Outer Target Zone: 3 points - outside the outer scoring ring
  • Shots outside the silhouette outline (red area) do not count: 0 points

B-27 Target Scoring Calculator Instructions

The B-27 Target Scoring Calculator is designed to streamline the scoring process for shooting exercises on B-27 targets. This tool automatically calculates total shots fired and overall score based on the distribution of hits across different zones of the target. Follow these instructions to accurately and efficiently use the calculator.

Getting Started

Before entering data into the calculator, you'll need to count the hits in each target zone. You can review the target zones on the Reference tab. In the LTC instructor course, TX DPS instructors suggested that you use a pencil and mark each counted hit with a mark (all oriented in the same direction, allowing re-count). If you aren't able to identify 50 hits, it will be up to the individual LTC instructor to make a determination as to the disposition of the missing hits. If there is a large hole where multiple hits removed a large section of the target - it's not out-of-line to assume the missing hits passed through the large missing target area. If the shooter has a lot of hits outside of the silhouette - it might be more prudent to assume they missed the target entirely. Use your best judgment.

Navigate to the B-27 Target Scoring Calculator on your preferred web browser. This digital tool is optimized for use on various devices, providing an intuitive interface for quick and precise scoring.

Inputs and Scoring

Input Fields

The calculator features four numeric input fields corresponding to different target zones:

  • Out of Bounds: Shots that miss the silhouette entirely. Each hit in this zone scores 0 points.
  • In Silhouette: Shots within the silhouette but outside the scoring rings. Each hit scores 3 points.
  • Outer Ring: Shots within the outer scoring ring. Each hit scores 4 points.
  • Inner Rings: Shots within the inner scoring rings. Each hit scores 5 points.

Adjusting Inputs

  • Use the + and - buttons adjacent to each input field to increment or decrement the count of hits in each zone. Alternatively, you can type the number directly into the input field.
  • As you adjust the inputs, the "Shots Fired" and "Score" outputs update automatically to reflect the current total.


  • Shots Fired: Displays the total number of shots accounted for by the inputs. This number turns red if it is below the required 50 total shots for a complete round.
  • Score: Shows the cumulative score based on the inputted distribution of hits across the target zones. The score turns red if it is below the passing score of 175.


  • The calculator ensures that the number of shots entered does not exceed the total shots fired in the round. Adjust inputs accordingly to match the actual number of shots.
  • To achieve a passing score, aim for a minimum total score of 175 out of a possible 250 points. This represents a 70% passing threshold.

Additional Notes

  • Ensure accuracy in inputting the number of hits per zone to reflect the true performance on the target.
  • The calculator provides an instant visual indication of the current status towards meeting the minimum requirements for both shots fired and overall score, aiding in quick assessment and instruction.

Thank you for using the B-27 Target Scoring Calculator. This tool is designed to assist instructors and shooters in efficiently calculating scores, making the scoring process as straightforward and accurate as possible.

About This Calculator

This B-27 / LTC Target Scoring Calculator is designed for instructors to swiftly and accurately calculate scores for student targets. Easy to use, it streamlines the scoring process, ensuring a quick assessment of students' shooting accuracy during the Texas License to Carry proficiency tests. Perfect for enhancing training efficiency and accuracy.

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