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Why do I need this?

As LTC instructors, we spend a lot of time in preparation for classes. We spend the entire class period conveying our firearms knowledge. We spend yet more time at the range administering the range qualification. Then we spend more time submitting records to the state. How much time do we spend grading a silly test?

With this tool (and the B-27 Scoring Calculator), you can spend more time teaching and less time grading. As an LTC instructor and a software developer, I saw an opportunity to make life a little bit better for myself and my fellow instructors.

If you want to thank me - find an Amazon link on my site and buy something. I have all sorts of useful instructor stuff linked - like B-27 targets.

How does it work?


For an instructor, it's pretty simple. You enter your email address, and you'll be sent a link to verify. When you click that link - you'll be given your QR code image.

Put that image in your course materials. When your students scan the code, they'll be asked to enter their name and email address. They'll then be given the test.

Upon completion, the test is graded and emailed to you, the instructor. You'll have a full document of the entire test, date, time, their chosen answers, and it will be graded.


For students, it's even easier. Scan the QR code, enter your name and email address, and take the test. Upon completion, you'll see your results - and they will be sent to the instructor.

Students can take a practice test to see how the system works. The test is graded and the results are emailed to you upon completion.


Practice Test

Can you pass the Texas LTC written test? Let's find out!

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