Texas has some of the most lenient concealed carry laws in the us

Texas is often perceived to have some of the most permissive gun laws in the United States. Since September 1, 2021, a permit is not required for a person 21 and over to carry a handgun either openly or concealed in most places in Texas, granted they do not have any prior felony convictions. Prior to this date, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a License to Carry a Handgun to an eligible person on a shall issue basis. Texas has state preemption of gun laws, so local governments can not further restrict or regulate the possession or use of firearms. Texas does not restrict NFA weapons that are legally possessed under federal law. The state does not require background checks for private sales of firearms.

Texas joins several other conservative states – such as Iowa, Tennessee, Montana, Utah and Wyoming – that have passed legislation this year allowing some form of permitless carry as President Joe Biden pushed forward executive actions to address gun violence in the wake of several high-profile mass shootings.

A new state law will soon let most Texans carry handguns in public without going through training or having to get permits. Gov. Greg Abbott lauded the so-called “constitutional carry” legislation and other firearms bills when he signed them into law.

Texans prefer handguns that are easy to use and concealable

That being said, smaller guns are comfortable to wear every day with less effort (especially if you prefer appendix carry). That’s exactly why this list is mostly comprised of smaller handguns. They are far more popular for Concealed Carry for a reason.

Smaller handguns are easy to carry and conceal but can be harder to shoot well and have a surprising amount of recoil or “kick” – even the smaller caliber handguns (.22, .32 and .380 ACPs). They are better than not carrying a handgun at all and may do an adequate job at very close range.

A smaller frame revolver particularly shines in IWB or ankle-carry applications, as the short length and slimness of such a gun are hard to match no matter which model Glock or other semi-auto gun you might carry. They are available in a wide variety of calibers which, depending on your needs, can range from .22 to .454 Casull. Ammo capacity and the need for frequent and careful training of reloads are their weak point, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you may discover that a great concealed carry handgun can be much more than what you generally see people shooting at your local USPSA match. Finding a holster for one is generally fairly simple, and other aftermarket items for concealed carriers are also widely available.

Texans prefer handguns that are reliable and have a high accuracy rate

I believe the "Best Gun" for anyone, is one that they can afford to buy and practice with. As far as a recommendation, I would suggest a revolver or a striker fire pistol with a 4 inch +/- barrel. This is for people who are not comfortable or experienced so to speak. And for home defense, it should be on a nightstand within reach as soon as you are aware of any danger at home. I don't think that anyone without sufficient experience should be carrying a weapon of any kind until they take some safety courses or get proper training AND become comfortable with their firearm.

The GLOCK pistol that is the best for you to carry is the one that fits your hand best, allows you to conceal with minimal printing, and is in a caliber that you have confidence in and shoot well. One of the most popular CCW guns in America is the GLOCK 19 9mm. A balance of size, grip, accuracy and dependability have helped it earn that reputation.

Concealed Carry Dependability: 10 - I've never owned a revolver that was not dependable. The J Frames I've owned were reasonably accurate, and shot every time the trigger was pulled. For years. The Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Revolver has been my most concealable wheel gun.

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