Why People Hate Serpa Holsters, and Why I Ignore Them

Serpa holsters have been a popular choice among gun owners for years, but they're also one of the most controversial holster options on the market. Some gun enthusiasts swear by them, while others have sworn them off completely. Why are Serpa holsters so divisive, and why do some people hate them? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of Serpa holsters and explore why some people choose to avoid them altogether.

When it comes to Serpa holsters, there are a few key pros and cons to consider. Here's a closer look at some of the reasons why people love or hate Serpa holsters:


  • Secure Retention: One of the primary reasons why people love Serpa holsters is because they offer a high level of retention. The unique locking mechanism ensures that your firearm stays in place, even during vigorous movement or combat situations.
  • Quick Draw: Another advantage of Serpa holsters is that they allow for a quick and easy draw. The release mechanism is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can draw your weapon quickly and without hesitation.
  • Affordable: Serpa holsters are also relatively affordable compared to some other holster options on the market. This makes them an attractive choice for budget-conscious gun owners.


  • Safety Concerns: Perhaps the biggest reason why people hate Serpa holsters is due to safety concerns. Some people worry that the locking mechanism can be accidentally triggered, causing the firearm to discharge unexpectedly. There have been reports of this happening in the past, which has led to some serious injuries and even fatalities.
  • Difficult to Train With: Serpa holsters require a unique technique to use properly, which can be difficult to master. Some people find that they need to spend a significant amount of time training with their Serpa holster to feel comfortable and confident using it in the field.
  • Limited Compatibility: Finally, Serpa holsters are not compatible with all firearms. This can be a significant drawback for gun owners who have a less common or specialized firearm.

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Why Some People Choose to Avoid Serpa Holsters

Given the safety concerns associated with Serpa holsters, it's not surprising that some people choose to avoid them altogether. Here are a few reasons why someone might opt for a different type of holster:

  • Safety: As we mentioned earlier, safety is the primary concern for many gun owners when it comes to Serpa holsters. Some people feel that the potential risks associated with Serpa holsters outweigh the benefits, and therefore choose a different type of holster that they feel is safer.
  • Comfort: Serpa holsters can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, particularly if you're not used to the unique locking mechanism. Some people find that they prefer a different type of holster that feels more comfortable and natural to wear.
  • Personal Preference: Finally, it's worth noting that some people simply prefer a different type of holster for personal reasons. They may have had a bad experience with a Serpa holster in the past, or they may have a personal preference for a different type of holster that they feel is better suited to their needs.

Anecdotal Evidence

Personally, I like Serpa holsters. The button gives me some peace of mind that my firearm won't accidentally fall out. All of the horror stories I've heard about this holster have the same root cause - a shooter attempting to shave time off their draw uses a hooked finger on the button with the intent of having their finger fall onto the trigger once it clears the holster.  Inevitably, some of these fingers find the trigger and *BANG* - negligent discharge. I avoid this by keeping my trigger finger pointing straight down the barrel - so it falls safely onto the side of the pistol.


In the end, the decision to use a Serpa holster or not is a personal one that should be based on your own needs, preferences, and safety concerns. While there have been incidents in the past involving accidental discharges with Serpa holsters, many gun owners still feel that they are a safe and effective option for carrying their firearm. Ultimately, it's up to each individual gun owner to decide whether a Serpa holster is right for them or not.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:


    Are Serpa holsters really that dangerous?


    There have been reports of accidental discharges with Serpa holsters in the past, which has led to safety concerns among some gun owners. However, it's worth noting that many people use Serpa holsters without incident and feel that they are a safe and effective option for carrying their firearm.


    Can Serpa holsters be used with any type of firearm?


    No, Serpa holsters are not compatible with all firearms. It's important to check the compatibility of your firearm with a Serpa holster before making a purchase.


    Are there any alternatives to Serpa holsters?


    Yes, there are many other types of holsters on the market that offer different levels of retention, comfort, and compatibility. Some popular options include leather holsters, kydex holsters, and shoulder holsters.

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