Engaging in the Texas Carrying Community

After obtaining your Texas License to Carry (LTC), you might be eager to delve into the world of firearms enthusiasts and connect with fellow LTC holders. This article will provide insight into how to engage with the Texas carrying community, joining local groups and clubs, attending events and competitions, and networking with other LTC holders.

Local Groups and Clubs

In Texas, numerous organizations are devoted to firearms education, training, and advocacy. Some of the most prominent groups include the National Rifle Association (NRA), United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA). Joining these associations can help you expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.


The NRA, a nationally recognized organization, offers a range of resources, including training courses, competitions, and legislative updates. Becoming an NRA member can grant you access to exclusive benefits, discounts, and opportunities to engage with fellow firearms enthusiasts at events throughout the state.


The USCCA focuses on providing concealed carry education, training, and legal protection. By joining the USCCA, you gain access to valuable resources, such as online training videos, articles, and interactive maps, which can help you stay informed and connected with the carrying community.


The TSRA, a state-specific organization, advocates for the rights of gun owners in Texas. Membership with the TSRA can provide you with opportunities to participate in local events, receive legislative updates, and voice your opinions on matters related to firearms in the Lone Star State.

Attending Events and Competitions

Texas boasts an active firearms community, with events and competitions taking place across the state. Participating in such gatherings can not only improve your shooting skills but also foster camaraderie and support among fellow LTC holders. Some popular events include shooting competitions, charity fundraisers, and firearms training courses.

Shooting Competitions

Competitive shooting events, such as IDPA or USPSA matches, offer a platform for LTC holders to test their skills against other competitors in a structured environment. These competitions often feature various stages, demanding accuracy, speed, and strategy, ultimately allowing you to grow as a shooter while connecting with others who share your passion.

Charity Fundraisers

Many firearms-related organizations host charity events to support worthy causes. Participating in these fundraisers can be an enjoyable way to give back to the community while networking with other firearms enthusiasts.

Firearms Training Courses

Investing in advanced firearms training, such as the NRA Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home course or the NRA CCW course, can enhance your knowledge and skillset while providing opportunities to interact with fellow LTC holders. Furthermore, these courses often incorporate real-world scenarios and stress-inducing elements, helping you to build confidence and remain calm under pressure.

Connecting with Other LTC Holders

Engaging with the Texas carrying community can be a rewarding experience, fostering lifelong friendships and promoting personal growth. As you attend events, join clubs, and participate in training courses, you'll likely find many opportunities to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and learn from others who share your interest in firearms and personal protection.

In conclusion, immersing yourself in the Texas carrying community can prove to be an enriching journey. By joining local groups, attending events and competitions, and connecting with fellow LTC holders, you can continue to develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and form valuable relationships within this vibrant and supportive community.

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